Eli Heisler, better known by his stage name, The Crateful Head, is Los Angeles born multi-media artist and producer. His combination of heavy west coast grooves and off-kilter samples have been catching the attention of producers and fans from both the emerging Boston electronic-beat community, and the established L.A scene. Influenced by artists like J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Shlohmo—Eli’s productions will teleport you to an astral dimension due to a series of head nods.


When Eli graduated high school, he migrated from Los Angeles to the vibrant community of San Francisco, CA. Until then, he was an active gigging musician playing guitar, bass, and singing in bands like Otis, Within The Casket, GHCHS Jazz Ensemble, and The Ridge Rats, to name a few. Upon moving to a new, very overcast, city— Eli spent most of his time inside, listening to records and learning how to sample with an MPC that he acquired. This led to the birth of his hip-hop duo, Gateway Tonez. Eli and long time friend, Eren Saner who first met in high school, ended up at San Francisco State University together. Saner’s introspective, social commentary were the perfect marriage to Eli’s somber melodies and sampling. Almost all the songs they wrote that year were the basis of their debut release Goodbye Blue Monday (Summer 2013), which was almost entirely produced, engineered, and mixed by Eli. He even rapped and sang under the pen name, E, he is.


Halfway through his studies as a broadcasting and electronic communication major, Eli got accepted to acclaimed Berklee College of music. He transferred out of S.F.S.U and moved to Boston to pursue his dream of affecting others through his music. After being admitted to the Electronic Production & Design major, Eli finally found the community with whom he was destined to co-exist. At Berklee, The Crateful Head got his own Radio Show, DJ-ing on the Berklee Internet Radio, DJ-ing at the bi-monthly Berklee reVERB poetry night, and met artists such as Twistyknobs, The Canteen Killa, and Nick Garcia who’ve transformed him from a bedroom producer to a live electronic musician.


Though Eli has yet to release an official solo album, his music has been popping up all over the Internet on DJ mixes, compilations, and via both his Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Eli was one of the first signee’s on a Boston independent label/collective called, HNDMD. You can find his remix of Twistyknob’s Abject, featured on their compilation, HM09. 


Other than the previously mentioned production credits with Gateway Tonez, you can find The Crateful Head’s music as the backdrop for rappers such as g.WEST, Saner, Slm, The Oak Park Sunnyside, and Valley Local to name a few. He has been featured on compilations/mixes by Los Angeles based label Team Supreme, Top Cats, and Washington D.C based Cypher League.


Eli’s music doesn't intend to make the listener feel any particular type of way, rather to make them feel something. With an EP on the way and collaborations in the pipeline, there’s no doubt that The Crateful Head is a name you will be getting very familiar with in 2015.

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